A CBS News Report on Wounded Warrior Project

Watched a report on CBS News yesterday that highlighted the excess spending by the Wounded Warrior Project. The gist I got from the report is this: The Wounded Warrior Project which is a charity for wounded veterans was wasting a lot of the donation money for meetings at luxury hotels etc. An Iraq veteran clearly criticized the charity while another, who is a spokesperson, defended it. However, the latter could not answer a simple question by a reporter on why so much spending happened.

I also watched a report by Sharyl Attkisson in the ABC channel about the “uncharitably” huge salaries that the CEOs of charitable foundations take home. It’s high time that the authorities who regulate the criteria for non-profit status given to these charitable entities take a serious look at them and either force them to change their mode of operations or close them down. I have given some money (not much) to the KIND fund and I have complete confidence in their ability to provide their target folks what they said they would do with the funds that they get. But it looks like not all can be trust worthy, for example, the Wounded Warrior Project if what is reported in the news is proven to be true.

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