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Government Job Seeking Republican, You Are For Less Government, Really?

I hear conservatives talk about less government. From a conservative values point of view, it makes sense. The smaller the government with an ensuing limited bureaucracy, the greater the independence of people under the government. The missing element in all this is that the government is of the people, by the people and for the people. In other words, the government is people. So why not have more power to the people with an expanded government. Agreed, it doesn’t always work that way. Government bureaucrats and politicians (I mean politicians who are in the government, say a conservative federal senator) can work toward wielding enormous power and indirectly subdue the independence of the people. At least until they seize to be a government person.

My problem with these less government advocates is that why they seek governmental positions such as a senator or a congress person or even president? Doesn’t joining as one goes contrary to their advocacy of less government? What do you think?